What a Win! Woodbury Is Listed in Top 10 Best Places to Live

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Woodbury, Minnesota is something special. It combines the right mix of big-city sass and small-town introspection. If you like the high-energy buzz of the city, we’ve got nightlife up and down Interstate 94, from Ray J’s American Grill to the Sherwood Lounge. If you prefer the quiet cricket-hum of a small town, we’ve got hundreds of miles of walking trails in Carver Lake Park. Woodbury truly does have something for everybody, especially near our Woodbury apartments, and it’s one of the top 10 best places to live according to Money.com.

The Top 10 Best Places to Live Competition

It is no surprise that Woodbury ranked among Money.com’s Top 10 Best Places to Live for a second time this year. We beat out more than a thousand other cities and towns across the country. Competition is fierce, with an emphasis on well-rounded, diverse cities. Low crime, good schools, and plentiful employment opportunities were a given. Money.com then went down to the nitty-gritty of each city to discover what made them tick. They quantified that sense of community and peace, looking at thousands of data points. Walkability, health and safety, entertainment, and many other factors all played a part in their final decision. Woodbury shines with the best, in the Top 10. 

Two key components of our community set us apart from the others in the rankings: local attractions and the economy.

Attractions for Any Weather

Woodbury apartment residents are always up for a walk. Much of Money.com’s criteria focused on physical fitness and exercise—from trail access to air quality. People who routinely exercise are healthier, less stressed, and generally more cheerful and upbeat. Good health also fosters creativity and a stronger work ethic. This health-forward ethos reduces the strain on local medical centers. It increases life expectancy and quality of life. No matter the weather, we’re always out and about. 

A Resilient Economy

Woodbury is home to many big companies. American manufacturer 3M is one of the city’s largest and most stable employers. Our position on three interstates means access to warehouse distribution. Both Target and Amazon have warehouses here. Woodbury’s college-educated workforce forges new paths in IT, bringing high-tech to our backyards. We enjoy low unemployment and high median income. And all our economic diversity acts as insulation against economic recession. As a result, Woodbury was remarkably stable throughout 2020. 

If you’d like to learn more about the unique features that catapulted Woodbury to the Top 10 list, then check out our blog. No matter where you come from, Woodbury is an amazing place to call home. We’d love to help you find your perfect apartment at Valley Creek. Contact us today to schedule a tour or find us on Facebook. 

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