The Historic Northeast Walking Food Tour Features Locally Owned Restaurants

authentic sausages at a Polish restaurant

Would you like to enjoy a unique look at some of Minneapolis’ locally owned restaurants? Then take the Historic Northeast Walking Food Tour.¬†As the knowledgeable guides lead to the six tasting locations, they’ll cover the city’s historical and cultural sites. Learn about the important role the river played during the area’s settlement and so much more.¬†Minneapolis is an easy drive from Valley Creek Apartments, and featured eateries include:


At Kramarczuk’s, you’ll enjoy an authentic taste of Eastern Europe.  A local fixture since 1954, it all started with a dream.  In the early 1940s, Wasyl and Anna Kramarczuk immigrated to the United States from Ukraine.  They wanted to share their cooking and baking skills with their new hometown. The couple made the sausage and bread by hand, a tradition that’s still carried on today. During the tour, you’ll sample the kielbasa, sauerkraut, and potato cheese vareniki. 

Gorkha Palace 

Step into Gorkha Palace to enjoy the flavorful dishes of Nepal, Tibet, and India. The chefs use organic ingredients from local farms, and start their day early to grind the spices and make the ghee (clarified butter) in-house. The restaurant offers a fun, festive setting. It comes complete with bright red walls, colorful photographs, and a crackling fireplace that warms everyone on chilly evenings. The tour offering includes pakora. These crispy fritters feature cabbage, onions, and scallions dipped in chickpea batter.

Wilde Cafe 

Named after Oscar Wilde, the Wilde Cafe is a cozy neighborhood restaurant with an updated Victorian feel. It’s where friends gather to reminisce about old times while relaxing near the 1900s fireplace. In the kitchen, the chefs make every dish from scratch. They use time-honored recipes and are best known for their delectable dessert menu. Enjoy the gelato made in small batches. The flavors frequently change, so there’s always something new to try. 

The Historic Northeast Walking Food Tour is just one of the activities that residents of our Woodbury apartments can enjoy. To call our community home, please contact us. We’d love to show you firsthand all we have to offer. 

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