Pick Up Lunch at Teriyaki Madness near Woodbury

Order chicken teriyaki for a delicious lunch from Teriyaki Madness.

Are you looking for a new lunch option that’s more original than pizza or a sandwich but just as delicious? Head to Teriyaki Madness near Woodbury. This fast-casual restaurant just opened a short drive from Valley Creek Luxury Living Apartments. They’re serving flavorful dishes you’ll come back for again and again.

About Teriyaki Madness

Teriyaki Madness specializes in Asian fusion cuisine. Their recipes bring in elements of Japanese, Chinese, and American food to create unique dishes. The bright and friendly dining room is a good place to enjoy your workday lunch. Also, you can share a casual dinner with family.

Dishes come packed in cartons and plastic containers, however, so you can easily take your food home if you prefer. Also, if you download the Teriyaki Madness app, you can order ahead from your phone.

The Menu

The most popular dish at Teriyaki Madness is, not surprisingly, the chicken teriyaki. Tossed in sweet and slightly spicy sauce, the tender chicken is served in a bowl with veggies and your choice of rice or noodles. For something a little leaner, you can choose the chicken breast teriyaki. It has the same great flavors, but it’s made with lean breast meat.

Another great choice is the orange chicken teriyaki. This features breaded chicken pieces bathed in a sticky orange sauce. Pair your entree with an order of crab rangoons or edamame. The restaurant also offers green salads, topped with plenty of cabbage, carrots, and stir fry sauce. Their menu clearly displays the number of calories in each option, so it’s easy to choose healthy options.

Teriyaki Madness is just a short drive away, so stop by for a delicious meal. Woodbury is also home to dog-friendly restaurants, so you can bring your dog to lunch. If you’re looking for a new apartment in the area, contact us and speak to one of our friendly leasing agents.

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