Start Your Day with Waffles and Bacon in Woodbury

Enjoy waffles and bacon in Woodbury at these three restaurants!

Did you know that waffles date back to the Middle Ages? The oldest known recipe was found in a manuscript in Paris, and today there are three waffle varieties: American, Belgian, and Liege. If you would like to enjoy some waffles, there are plenty of breakfast restaurants near Valley Creek Luxury Living Apartments. Find waffles […]

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Eggs or Pancakes?! The 3 Best Breakfast Spots in Woodbury

Best Breakfast Spots in Woodbury from valley creek apartments

Breakfast food is comfort food, no matter the weather or time of day. Whether you are gearing up for the day or ending a long night, a delicious meal of bacon and eggs can do wonders for the soul. Here are three of the best breakfast spots in Woodbury near Valley Creek Apartments. Check them […]

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