Photography Classes near Woodbury

Woman taking pictures for her photography class

Did you know that Johann Zahn designed the first handheld reflex camera in 1685? It was another 150 years before his invention became a reality. This creation changed the way we document life, and today, nearly everyone has a camera. If you would like to learn how to capture magnificent images, visit one of these schools where you can take photography classes near Woodbury.

Mpls Photo Center 

At the Mpls Photo Center, enthusiasts and professionals come together to work and learn. The center strives to encourage, challenge, and inspire the photographer in all of us. It offers workshops in state-of-the-art classrooms and covers all aspects of this medium. 

The sessions are held throughout the year almost every day of the week. The teachers welcome all abilities. Also, they teach beginning lessons such as DSLR and Mirrorless Part 1. This class is designed to acquaint students with their digital cameras so they learn how the camera “sees” to capture amazing images. 

Minneapolis College of Art and Design Continuing Education

Established in 1886, the Minneapolis College of Art and Design is the region’s premier art educator. It offers both degree-based and continuing education programs. Students can find classes on nearly all mediums, and the classes are led by skilled instructors with years of experience. 

Enjoy the unique Tintype Photography workshop. Offered in the spring, it teaches the wet plate collodion process. It’s the second oldest commercially successful photographic method, and it was popular from the mid-to-late nineteenth century. Today, this process is making a comeback. During class, students will make a photograph by creating a direct positive on a sheet of metal coated with photographic emulsion. 

Along with these schools, Valley Creek Luxury Living Apartments is also near premier restaurants and world-class attractions. Looking for another class after your photography class is over? Then try these local spin classes! To call our vibrant community home,  please contact our leasing staff. They’ll gladly show you firsthand all we have to offer.

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