Elevate Your Tea Drinking at Sencha Tea Bar

Bring a friend to Sencha Tea Bar to try unique tea combinations and custom drinks.

When it comes to grabbing a coffee or tea, there are lots of options available near Valley Creek Luxury Living Apartments. But tea tastes even better when you leave it to the experts. Head to Sencha Tea Bar for delicious teas and an unforgettable tea time.

The Selection

Featuring tea lattes, tea on tap, and loose-leaf teas, Sencha Tea Bar offers a smorgasbord of choices. There are so many flavors to experience that you’ll be coming back as often as you get a chance. If you like to keep it simple, they keep black, green, and white tea on tap. If you want to dive deeper, choose from over 100 loose-leaf teas. Thankfully, the baristas will help you pick the perfect option.

From there, you can design a drink to fit your preferences, turning the tea into a latte or even a tea shake. There are a variety of milks to choose from to make your tea creamy and add additional layers of flavor. Make your tea perfect by choosing your preferred level of sweetness. Last but not least, you can add jellies or tapioca pearls to make it a bubble tea. We recommend trying some of their seasonal blends to experience the flavors of fall or to warm up your winter. 

The Service

It’s not just the tea that will keep you coming back. The friendly staff and clean, contemporary atmosphere makes Sencha a pleasure to visit. If you have a drink that doesn’t wake up your taste buds in the way you’d hoped, they are quick to replace it with something that does the job, so you’re guaranteed to find something you love. At Sencha, they don’t just specialize in tea, but also in serving up kindness to go with your cup. You’ll quickly feel right at home. 

Sencha Tea Bar is just one of the amazing local businesses that make life in Woodbury sweeter. Check out even more premium treats at these local chocolate shops. If you are interested in all that we have to offer in our apartment community, don’t hesitate to contact us today! 

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