See Rare Military Aircraft at the Commemorative Air Force Minnesota Wing

Front of plane

Are you interested in learning about aviation history? Then spend a fun-filled day at the Commemorative Air Force Minnesota Wing. It’s the state’s premier WWII aircraft museum, and admission is always free. Even better, it’s only a short drive away from Valley Creek Luxury Living Apartments. Highlights include:

North American SNJ Texan 

The North American SNJ Texan was the most advanced pilot trainer during WWII. It was used by many service branches around the world, and the one on display was built for the United States Navy. Pilots who earned their wings on this aircraft typically went on to fly fighters or bombers. 

Stinson L-5 Sentinel 

The military used the unarmed Stinson L-5 Sentinel for observation and transporting personnel. Its slow landing speed meant that it could land and take off from almost anywhere. Also, the military occasionally used it as an air ambulance.

Ryan PT-22 Recruit 

The Ryan PT-22 Recruit was the first monoplane primary trainer used by the U.S. Army Corps. The Army retired the plane at the end of the war. It’s still known for its unique open cockpit design. The Recruit could hold one student and instructor. It could reach a maximum speed of 125 mph.

History Flights 

Also, the Commemorative Air Force Minnesota Wing offers visitors the chance to ride in one of the aircraft. Many of the pilots work for major airlines, and all flights include a pre-flight briefing. Sign up for a flight you won’t forget! The available planes include the BT-13, PT-22, and Miss Mitchell. All of the proceeds go toward maintaining the planes, so make sure you sign up!

The Commemorative Air Force Minnesota Wing is just 11 minutes from Valley Creek Luxury Living Apartments. Also, you can explore more iconic Minnesota history at Target Field. If you would like to live near this museum and other premier attractions, please contact us. We will gladly give you a tour of our community where you can see everything we have to offer.

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