Rule the Courts

An invigorating round of tennis is an excellent way to burn some calories and get in great shape. If you’ve never played tennis before, you may be surprised to know that it is harder than it looks. Here are some tips beginners can use when playing on one of the courts here at our apartments for rent in Woodbury.

Focusing on the depth of your strokes is one way to get your opponent to take extra ones. For this reason, you should practice hitting shots into the “black box” from the other side of the net. For help in getting it there, remember that your ball should be approximately twice as high as the net whenever you hit it from the baseline.

Practice this technique with both forehand and backhand strokes to ensure you have mastered it. You may even want to try it with a partner so you can compete with one another. Award yourself points based on how close you get to the targeted area, and declare that the winner is the first one to reach a certain number.

Improving your footwork will also make you a better tennis player. There are several drills that will help you accomplish this, including:
1) Shuffling from one side of the court to another
2) Maneuvering around cones, first going forward and then heading backward
3) Running around cones in a figure 8, quickly changing direction once you have completed a rotation

These things will greatly improve your tennis game so that you won’t be intimidated by taking on more advanced players. To ensure you are able to play often, contact our office today to schedule a showing!

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