Enjoy the Minneapolis Institute of Art from Home

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In 1883 when 25 citizens decided to bring the arts to their community, the Minneapolis Society of Fine Arts was born. Now known as the Minneapolis Institute of Art, it stands as a monument to a remarkable cultural achievement. The impressive collection boasts over 89,000 objects spanning 20,000 years and diverse cultures across six continents. You can explore the collection from home, and you’ll find 360-degree images, fascinating art stories, and much more. Here is some of what you can enjoy from the comfort of our Woodbury apartments:

The Object Podcast 

Hosted by Tim Gihring, The Object shares the fascinating true stories behind the museum’s collection. Tim tells the stories with suspense, wit, and style, and touches on the issues that shape the world today. New episodes are added monthly, and season two is currently underway. 

20 Dances: Japanese Calligraphy Then and Now

With over 80,000 Chinese characters and endless graphic variations, calligraphy offers unlimited expressions. In East Asia, calligraphy has been recognized as the highest art form for more than fifteen centuries. The 20 Dances exhibition showcases pieces featuring a unique expression of the artist’s personality. It also covers the full range of scripts and highlights how calligraphy’s emphasis on movement suggests dancing.

Recent Acquisitions: Fiber Art at the MIA

Fiber Art at the MIA offers a look at the fiber art pieces collected within the last five years. It features some of the country’s most well-known artists, and showcases crocheting, knitting, weaving, and other time-honored techniques. You will see Loretta Pettway’s quilt made in Gee’s Bend, Alabama, a traditional Gobelin tapestry woven with three-dimensional sculpture, and much more. 

After exploring the museum, try learning a new instrument. Local schools offer an array of classes ranging from the guitar to the piccolo. To call Valley Creek home, please contact us. We’ll arrange a tour so you can discover all that our apartments in Woodbury have to offer.

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