Learn to Play an Instrument with Local Online Music Classes

Woman practicing and learning how to play guitar on her laptop

If you’re searching for a hobby that can help improve coordination and relieve stress, consider playing a musical instrument. You can find lots of local online music classes, ranging from the flute to the acoustic guitar. When you’re ready to learn, the best schools near our Woodbury apartments include:

St. Paul School of Music 

A local fixture since 2007, the St. Paul School of Music offers classes as late as 9:00 p.m. to fit your busy schedule. Owner Rick Stack began playing at eleven and became a professional musician at 16. He tours the world and has taught an average of 50 guitar students a week for more than 30 years. Rick creates fun, yet challenging lesson plans through level 12 and enjoys teaching rock, fusion improvising, and the blues. Students can also learn how to play the piano, violin, and drums.

K&S Conservatory of Music 

K&S Conservatory of Music opened in 1990 to offer the community music lessons in a more professional setting. It began from humble beginnings, and now features over forty instructors who teach 28 instruments combined. They belong to professional music organizations, and many hold advanced degrees from colleges across the United States and Europe. Learn how to play the ukulele, accordion, clarinet, and so much more.  

MacPhail Center for Music 

The MacPhail Center for Music transforms lives “through music learning experiences that inspire.” Students range in age from six to 102, and some are absolute beginners, while others are professionals looking to learn new skills. The instructors offer award-winning online classes. They create engaging lessons and offer sessions based on a student’s interests and goals. Instruments include the French horn, bassoon, harp, and many others.

After trying one of these local online music classes, create a delicious meal with a few simple ingredients from your pantry. If you would like to call Valley Creek home, please contact us. We will arrange a virtual or in-person showing so you can see everything that our apartments in Woodbury have to offer. 

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