Learn from Home with These Language Schools around Woodbury

woman taking a virtual language-learning course at home on her laptop

If you’ve always wanted to learn a new language, several local schools around Woodbury make it easier than ever before. They offer virtual lessons and boast highly skilled instructors who make learning fun. The schools near our Woodbury apartments include: 

Concordia Language Villages 

Concordia Language Villages features instructors from around the world. They create culturally authentic experiences and want students to “truly learn to live a language, not just speak it.” The virtual adult classes offer a real-time small group setting. Students meet over Zoom, and all abilities can join in the fun. Languages include German, Norwegian, and Swedish. 

University Language Center 

The University Language Center began offering a better way to learn a language in 1985. The instructors hold degrees in everything from literature to psychology. They’re selected for their language skills and adapt classes to meet their students’ needs. During each session, covered topics include speaking, writing, and listening comprehension. You can learn individually online and try languages such as Italian, Japanese, and Irish. 

Germanic-American Institute 

A nonprofit organization, the Germanic-American Institute connects “people to a broader world through German language and culture.” The institute began in 1956 as the Volksfest Association of Minnesota. Then it changed names in the early 1990s and is found inside a home built in 1906. The virtual classes offer a friendly setting and welcome all skill levels. The specially trained teachers are native speakers or possess near-native fluency. Beginners learn simple sentences and everyday expressions, such as how to introduce themselves. 

After a virtual class from one of these schools around Woodbury, order a delicious po’boy to go from a Woodbury restaurant. You can choose from an array of fillings and also enjoy the sandwich with a side of fries. When you’re ready to call Valley Creek home, please contact us. We would love to offer a tour so you can see everything our apartments in Woodbury have to offer.

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