Enjoy Burgers and Games at Hudson Tap

Grab a burger, fries, and a game at Hudson Tap.

There was a time when almost every casual restaurant had a pinball game for customers to play while they waited for their orders. Those days are mostly gone, but that does not mean you can’t enjoy the “games and a burger” atmosphere anymore. You just need to know where to go! Check out Hudson Tap, a fun restaurant and sports bar near Valley Creek Luxury Living Apartments.

Awesome Games

Go back in time at Hudson Tap. They have a collection of the best arcade games around. You can play Star Wars or Addams Family Pinball, Ms. Pacman, or even Mario Kart. They also offer a number of group games, including Diamond Pool and 8-Person Foosball. Bring a group of friends to play table games such as Jenga and Cards against Humanity. While you play, you can also dine on some of the best classic American food around.

Delicious Food

The menu at Hudson Tap offers tried-and-true favorites such as boneless wings, nachos, and chicken tenders. They also have some more unique creations, including the smothered waffle fries. The fries come covered in queso dip, chopped bacon, and green onions. Also, they’re great for sharing. 

One of the favorite items at Hudson Tap is the build-your-own burger. Choose your protein (options include ground chuck, chicken breast, turkey, or vegan burger patties). Then add a variety of toppings and sauces. The options are endless with specialty toppings such as bacon jam and guacamole.

As the name suggests, Hudson Tap has a variety of beers on tap The list includes locally brewed Minnesota creations from Lift Bridge and August Schell’s. They also serve a signature drink called a Pac-Man, which is made with Bacardi, watermelon schnapps, Sierra Mist, and soda.

If you’re in the mood for a game of Jenga accompanied by a plate of waffle fries, stop by Hudson Tap soon. For a classic American breakfast, head to these local restaurants that serve waffles and bacon. Contact us if you’re looking for a new apartment nearby; we’re always happy to welcome new residents at Valley Creek Apartments. 

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