Explore the 3 Most Popular Geocaches near Woodbury

Try to find these geocaches near Woodbury before the end of summer!

Geocaches can be pretty much any container that someone has hidden in a publicly accessible place and recorded the location’s GPS coordinates on Geocaching.com. There are plenty of geocaches near Woodbury, so you can easily try out this new activity. Start with these three popular locations around Valley Creek Luxury Living Apartments.

The Sword in the Stone

From the very beginning of the cache description, you can tell this is going to be special. You can find The Sword in the Stone just a mile north in Cree Park. The location requires a moderately difficult hike and takes you near some interesting terrain. With 1,198 finds to date, and some of them quite recent, this geocache should be high on your list for some outdoor fun.

Power Play

A short, eight-mile drive east of Valley Creek to Prairie Ridge Park gets you on the trail to the Power Play cache. It’s micro-sized and is moderately difficult to reach. The terrain will provide an adequate challenge for your second geocache of the day. Don’t forget to decipher the hint at the cache! There is a button to click to automatically decode the hint, but it’s more fun to do it manually. 

Dan’s Iron Stump

After conquering Power Play, hop back in the car and drive a few miles farther east near Stagecoach Trail North. From there, begin your search for Dan’s Iron Stump. This cache is rated as small-sized and is relatively easy to reach. It is also only about 100 feet from a safe parking spot. Just be sure not to park on the freeway!

Find More Geocaches near Woodbury

After a fun day of adventure, stop by one of Woodbury’s local ice cream shops. If you’re interested in living in an area with so much to offer, please contact us and start the application process today!

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