Try an Escape Room Challenge at Lock and Key Escape

Kraft envelop with enigma inside and the word escape game stamped on it.

Words cannot express how cold it will be in Minnesota this winter! It is important to find fun and interactive indoor activities to keep busy and still spend time with friends and family. Lock and Key Escape, an escape room complex, is just a short drive from Valley Creek Luxury Living Apartments in Woodbury. Lock and Key Escape has several adventures available to you.

Quest for Excalibur

The Quest for Excalibur adventure begins with chaos in Camelot. King Arthur has gone missing. Also, the Knights of the Round Table have run off in all different directions. The people are living in fear. Merlin has started a contest to find appropriate people to form a group to restore the former order and peace.

You and your group must work together to succeed during the trials that Merlin has set up to test you. The last trial is to pull Excalibur from the stone again. The fate of the world is literally in your hands! Can you pass the trials and save the world in 60 minutes?

Santa’s List

In Santa’s List, you and your group members have done something to get Santa angry. He has put your names on his naughty list that he keeps secure under lock and key. You and your group have snuck into Santa’s office. He will be back in exactly one hour.

Your mission is to find that list and get your names off of it before he comes back. If you fail, your names will be put on the naughty list forever! So, will you be able to get your name off the list and become friends with Santa again? You can do this!

Professor Jones’s Office

In Professor Jones’s Office, Professor Jones—much like the always cool Indiana Jones—is a famous archaeologist and archaeology professor at a prestigious university. He is now missing. You need access to a very rare artifact that is in his office.

But there is someone else after the artifact. You all must get to the treasure first and protect it. Professor Jones has protected it himself with tests, riddles, and puzzles that must be solved to get access. Who knows what will happen if it falls into the wrong hands?

After a fun day out at Lock and Key Escape, stop by these local restaurants with the best fried chicken to refuel! Valley Creek Luxury Living Apartments has an excellent community of residents who know about teamwork and the importance of working together and depending on each other. Please contact us for a personalized tour of our tranquil community.

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