Enjoy Delicious Artisan Bread in Woodbury

Different types of bread on rustic wooden table

Freshly baked bread is wonderful comfort food that you can enjoy in so many different ways. Valley Creek is close to local bakeries that are making amazing bread in Woodbury every day. Check out three great options that are located within 16 minutes of our apartments in Woodbury

St. Paul Flatbread

This family-owned business has been making delicious Lebanese flatbread since 1985. St. Paul Flatbread makes its bread with all-natural ingredients from a 200-year-old recipe. Each loaf is hand-tossed, which gives it a unique and delicious texture. There are four flavors to choose from, including za’tar which tops the bread with a fragrant mix of spices. You can browse all products and prices on the website and then call in to make a pickup order. 

Brake Bread

This award-winning local bakery started in 2014 with a group of friends who were passionate about both baking and biking. The concept of Brake Bread is simple but innovative. Step one is baking amazing bread using natural leavening and organic grains that are grown in the state of Minnesota. Step two is sending a team of bike couriers to deliver the fresh bread! There are several varieties to choose from, including sourdough, walnut raisin, and rye. You can sign up for delivery orders of bread, pastries, and more on their website.

Great Harvest Bread Company

This beloved chain of bakeries grinds premium Montana wheat into fresh whole grain flour every morning. The philosophy at Great Harvest Bread Company is that simple ingredients and old-fashioned methods are the keys to an amazing loaf of bread. The several freshly baked options to choose from every day include classic varieties and seasonal flavors like Autumn Apple Bread or Pumpkin Swirl. Call the St. Paul store to make an order for curbside pickup.

Easy access to delicious artisan bread is one of so many amenities that make living in Woodbury so enjoyable. Learn more about living at Valley Creek Apartments by contacting us

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