Enjoy a Virtual Tour of the World’s Best Theaters Online

woman watching recordings of theaters online at home

You can step inside some of the world’s most beautiful theaters and concert halls without leaving home. When you’re ready to explore theaters online, take a virtual tour to experience the grandeur of these iconic venues.

Carnegie Hall 

Established in 1891, Carnegie Hall is the inspirational destination for the world’s finest artists. Built in the Neo-Italian style, the hall is noted for its elegant style. The building was almost demolished in 1959 when the New York Philharmonic moved to Lincoln Center. After a campaign, New York City bought it the following year. Today, Carnegie Hall is a National Historic Landmark and is accessible 24/7 through live webcasts and radio broadcasts.

For an up-close look, enjoy a virtual tour of the auditorium. Shot before a performance, it highlights the hall’s stunning architecture. 


Built in 1770, Elbphilharmonie is one of the world’s most acoustically advanced concert halls. The performers sit in the middle of the audience, and 10,000 individually shaped plates disperse the sound. Elbphilharmonie is home to several orchestras, including the Hamburg Philharmonic State Orchestra. Renowned globally, it accompanies more than 200 ballet and opera performances every year.

The virtual tour offers a guided look at the most interesting parts of the hall. 

Teatro Bibiena 

Founded in 1770, Teatro Bibiena is renowned for its interior decoration. It’s a unique place where musical perfection is achieved. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart performed on opening night, and the theater continues to welcome the world’s greatest artists. 

During the virtual tour, you’ll get a glimpse of the theater’s elegance before diving into the online exhibitions. Display highlights include The Hall of Wonders, Life in Frescoes, and Music in the Theatre.

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