Enjoy a Cozy Meal at These Restaurants With a Fireplace

A set table at one of the restaurants with a fireplace

With the temperatures dropping, there’s no better time to enjoy a hearty meal by the fire. Whether you’re looking for a casual evening or a fine dining experience, Woodbury has what you’re looking for. Here are two restaurants with a fireplace near Valley Creek Luxury Living Apartments where the fire always crackles on a cold winter’s night:

Waldmann Brewery

At Waldmann Brewery, the motto is “Brews, Bites, and a Bit of Intrigue.” Its building dates back to the fall of 1857, six months before Minnesota became a state. Anton Waldmann built it as a lager beer saloon. German lager beer was popular among frontier Minnesotans, and this type of saloon was special as it offered delicious meals, lively entertainment, and always welcomed women and children. 

Waldmann re-opened in 2017 for the first time in 154 years. Visitors find the original pine floors, wood stoves, whale oil lamps, and a collection of nineteenth-century steamboat chairs. The chefs prepare an array of dishes with the finest of ingredients. Also, they pay tribute to a time gone by with their wood-burning fireplace. Choices include herring, bratwurst, and old-fashioned hot dogs.  

W.A. Frost & Company 

Featuring a turn-of-the-century setting, W.A. Frost & Company has been a Cathedral Hill favorite since 1975. The building was constructed in 1889 for the tremendous sum of $70,000. The charming atmosphere comes complete with arched windows, fanciful bricks, and a tin ceiling. The back bar is from a burned-out building in Wisconsin, while the marble tables were once the walls of an old bank.

In the kitchen, the chefs prepare the dishes from fresh, local ingredients. They change the menu seasonally, and what the farmers recommend is what they use. Guests can enjoy their meal by the roaring fire, and they always receive unparalleled service. Offerings may include smoked trout salad, Black Angus hamburgers, and artichoke grilled cheese sandwiches. 

If you’re feeling chilly before dinner, stop by one of these local restaurants for hot cocoa. Along with these restaurants with a fireplace, Valley Creek Luxury Living Apartments is also near world-renowned museums and some of the best shopping centers in the country. To become a resident of our community, please contact us.

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