Best Places to Hit the Ice Near Apartments in Woodbury

Are you eager to lace up your ice skates and step out on to a rink? It won’t be long before many of the area’s ice skating venues will be open again. And happily, many public rinks are within easy access of apartments in Woodbury. So go ahead, sharpen those blades and unleash your inner skater or hockey player.

We’ve put together a list of skate spots located near Valley Creek Apartments:

Bielenberg Sports Center (Radio Drive)

Three of the closest, ice skating spots are located a winter glove’s throw away at the Bielenberg Sports Center. There are two indoor skating areas and one that is located outside of the center. All three are large rinks (200 x 85-feet) and may be used by the general public. However, use of the indoor ones generally requires advance reservations whereas the outdoor one does not. By the way, it’s open daily. Skate rentals, refreshments, sharpening services, lessons, restrooms and warming areas are available on site.

Ojibway Park (Ojibway Drive)

If the Bielenberg Sports Center’s rinks are overcrowded or otherwise in use, don’t worry. There is another large, outdoor one on offer at the well-loved, Ojibway Park. Just make sure that you’re blades are sharpened before you go. A warming house, restrooms and lighted areas are provided along with other seasonal park amenities. For example, cross-country skiers, snowshoe enthusiasts and speed walkers are welcome. The park is open daily.

Colby Lake Park (Valley Creek Road)

Speaking of other amenities, Colby Lake Park is a great place to go ice skating too. The park’s management welcomes more than just skaters and hockey players. People are invited to go ice fishing as well. In 2015, the 11-foot deep lake was stocked with several types of fish, including channel cats. Apartment dwellers in Woodbury can easily purchase fishing licenses online, through the State Department of Natural Resources. Public restrooms are on premise and the park is open year-round.

Other Ice Skating Opportunities

Colby Lake, Ojibway Park and the Bielenberg Sports Center are only a trio of ice skating spots located near apartments in Woodbury. There are more than a dozen venues situated in St. Paul as well as the surrounding area. Among them are Winter Skate, McMurray Field and Landmark Plaza. In addition, many feature figure skating and hockey clubs that welcome apartment dwellers with a passion for winter sports. Further information about them and the other skate spots near Valley Creek Luxury Apartments is available upon request.

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