Enjoy Pad Thai and Spring Rolls at Basil Cafe

Order authentic pad thai with chicken at Basil Cafe.

Pad thai is a delicious dish made with rice noodles, peanut sauce, bean sprouts, and the tiniest hint of lime. Once you find a good Thai restaurant with exceptional pad thai, you’ll come back again and again. For many in our area near Valley Creek Luxury Living Apartments, Basil Cafe is becoming that go-to Thai restaurant.

About Basil Cafe

Basil Cafe is relatively new, having opened in summer 2019. The restaurant is small but elegant with an upscale cafe vibe. Black wood tables and white walls create simplicity, allowing the food to remain the star of the show. The wooden floor adds a natural appeal. This would be a suitable place for a casual date, a weekday lunch, or catching up with friends. The space is very clean, and the servers are friendly and welcoming.

The Food

Guests often remark that the food at Basil Cafe is more authentic than at other Thai restaurants in the area. Dishes feature fresh, authentic ingredients and plenty of fresh herbs for flavor. 

The menu comes in a folded book, and although it is not extensive, every dish comes expertly prepared. As your appetizer, you can’t go wrong with the spring rolls. The rice paper has a slightly chewy texture, which is a nice complement to the fresh herbs and veggies inside the roll. For a light lunch, you may want to try the papaya salad, made with shredded papaya and carrots in a sweet dressing.

As your entree, pad thai is the classic choice, of course. You can order it with your choice of proteins, and it’s exceptional with chicken. The pad ke mow, or drunken noodles, are also a popular dish, featuring peppers and basil for a flavorful experience. 

Basil Cafe is located just 15 minutes from Valley Creek Apartments. In addition to delicious restaurants, our community places you close to local golf courses and other entertainment. Contact us if you’re looking for an apartment in the area. We’d love to show you around.

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