Enjoy a Movie at Alamo Drafthouse

Enjoy a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse.

Movie fans can be particular when it comes to the places they frequent for latest blockbuster or a classic film. A theater’s picture and sound quality, the comfort of its seating, the selection of films, and even the popcorn on sale at the concession matter. Fortunately for all dedicated movie buffs near Valley Creek Luxury Living Apartments, there’s a shining example of the complete package. Head to Alamo Drafthouse, a movie house dedicated to providing cinema goers with a premier experience.

About Alamo Drafthouse

Since opening in Woodbury in 2018, Alamo Drafthouse, an Austin, Texas- based cinema chain, has won acclaim from just about everyone in town who goes to the movies. Everyone from casual viewers to the most discriminating cinephile can enjoy this theater.

But once the movie starts at this nine-screen establishment, the socializing stops. Alamo Drafthouse maintains a strict no talking, no texting rule, a welcome policy for the serious viewer. Alongside the most recent Marvel movie and other crowd pleasers, you can also view lesser-known films. Some of Alamo Drafthouse’s screens are dedicated to indie films and cult classics.

The Menu

Alamo Drafthouse has lounge seating and an on-site restaurant and bar. Enjoy exceptional food, including great salads, pizzas, and burgers. Also, you can order offbeat snacks, including fried pickles, alongside classic popcorn options. Best of all, you can order food and have it delivered to your seat.

After the movie, head to a local spot for ice cream. There are a great number of entertainment options available when you live at Valley Creek Luxury Living Apartments. Please contact us to learn more about our community. We’re always delighted to share the many wonderful things to see and do in Woodbury.

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