Wannabe Brewers

We know that not everyone likes to leave their Valley Creek Apartments to grab an ice cold brew. There are many wonderful places to drink craft beer, but Draft Magazine points out lots of people like to stay in and brew their own.  Of course this begs the question, “Are apartments in Valley Creek great spots for home brewers?”

Have you ever been curious about the home brewing process? Although we have some popular spots that many residents at Valley Creek Apartments visit on the weekends, such as Craft Beer & Kitchen or the Tamarack Tap Room, sometimes we prefer to stay at home. If you are interested in learning some homebrewing techniques, you are not alone! With plenty of kitchen space residents can delve into this craft pretty easily.

Your home at Valley Creek Apartments comes with air conditioning, heat, and a balcony or patio. Keeping the brew at the right temperature, away from sunlight, while it ferments is easy. There is also a grilling pavilion on site where home brewers can BBQ and sip on their own ice-cold creations once they’re ready.

And please know that for home brewers, the benefits of living in Valley Creek Apartments don’t end at the front door. Why? There is a brewing supply store located in St. Paul, Milwaukee and Minneapolis. They’re all part of the Northern Brewer Homebrew Supply. The Grand Avenue location in St. Paul tends to be the most convenient for Valley Creek residents to access year round.

The Grand Avenue location sells all of the home brewing supplies Valley Creek residents need to make small batches of beer. Furthermore, they periodically offer lessons in brewing, wine-making and more. So even wanna-be brewers may benefit from attending one of these class sessions. To learn more about what else Valley Creek Apartments may offer home brewing enthusiasts, please contact us today.

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