Strengthen and Tone at Valley Creek

Throw on some workout gear and walk into Valley Creek Apartments’ 24-hour fitness studio this weekend! It features a fabulous assortment of medicine balls that may help you work off those holiday sugar cookies and build muscle.

The balls range in weight and color. Choose one that you can safely hold with both hands while your arms are fully extended. Once you’ve decided on a medicine ball weight, think about what your personal goals are for the short and long-term. Why? The balls may be used as both cardio and strength-training aids. So your goals will determine which medicine workout routines are best.

For example, some residents like to hold medicine balls in their hands while they do traditional squat thrusts. Others prefer to raise the balls above their heads and then lower them to the ground as if they are going to do toe touches. The first exercise has a cardio element whereas the second is more for strength training. If you are hesitant on which exercises to include, a trip to the Valley Creek Mall over on Valley Creek Road may be in order.

It’s home to a Barnes & Noble, where Valley Creek apartment dwellers may purchase books on medicine ball fitness routines. Of course it isn’t the only area bookstore that carries fitness materials either. Material on medicine ball workouts may also turn up at The Book Corner and Paperback Plus. And we know that some of you may want more than a book of workouts.

So, may we suggest hiring personal trainers willing to come to Valley Creek apartments? Finding trainers skilled enough to create medicine ball routines isn’t difficult. Many advertise locally or with places like the YMCA and YWCA. Once they come up with the routine, you’ll be able to use it any time you like at Valley Creek Luxury Apartments’ 24-hour fitness center.

For more helpful sources and tips for ways to get in shape this winter, contact us. We are happy to tell you more about our community’s amenities and local businesses in the Woodbury area.  

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