Ride The Trails In Woodbury

Spend a day exploring the 26+ acres around Valley Creek apartments in Woodbury and explore. When you do get a bit of wanderlust, consider making the trek on two wheels. There is an off-road cycling trail nearby that is open, weather permitting, from 6 a.m. until 10 p.m. but be warned. It’s not lit or overflowing with services. Therefore, you’ll want to prepare.

Get the Tires Ready

Ride to Erik’s on Radio Drive or Penn’s over on Lake Terrace Road. Ask them to check the bikes over and add headlights as well as reflectors, just in case you end up staying out past sunset. If your ride isn’t quite ready to tackle the 5.5-mile road we’re suggesting, Penn’s specializes in rentals. So they can likely outfit you with a suitable mountain bike for the day. If not, you may want to talk with Erik’s staff about buying used bikes as backups.

Consider Calling for Reinforcements

And while you’re at either place, remember to ask about their respective bike clubs. Both retail locations have one that will put you in touch with other riders near apartments in Woodbury. Oh, and they generally have off-road, non-competitive rides scheduled too. Thus, you may have a little company on all of the area’s best cycling trails.

Tackle the Closest, Highlighted Trail

The one we’re highlighting today is typically maintained by the county’s recreation department. You’ll find the trail head over on Century Avenue South, which is less than a mile from the Valley Creek Apartments. The off-road trail has some hard-pack and soft surfaces. They also have a variety of manmade features, including rock outcroppings. Plus, well-traveled route periodically intersects with paved trails near the beach area, which is your best bet to find a modest amount of services.

To learn more about traversing the area around apartments in Woodbury on two wheels, please contact the Valley Creek staff today.

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