National Nutrition Month

Do you love to eat fresh? Many people do and with National Nutrition Month being finally here, there is no reason to let your motivation for eating healthy lose its momentum. Valley Creek Apartments have all of the amenities conducive to healthy living. Plus, they are close to fabulous farmer’s markets and other places full of fresh, cooking essentials.

The farmer’s market in Woodbury is a fine place to start. An extension of the St. Paul market, it is open on Saturday mornings throughout May. In June, the vendors will switch to summer hours. So we suggest following the market organizers’ Facebook page to stay up to date. Doing so will make it easier to see which seasonal ingredients will be at the market on any given weekend as well as verify the vendors’ hours of operation.

Of course it is not always possible to wait until the weekend to get groceries. So it’s a good thing Jerry’s Foods and Kowalski’s Markets are open daily, year round.  And did you know that Kowalski’s also has low-cost classes year round too? Sometimes the classes are led by the company’s resident nutritionist. Other times, the programs feature local restaurant owners and chefs.

In April, they’ve got educational workshops scheduled on pizza making, cheese mongering, wine pairings and nutritional approaches to insomnia, just to name a few. Jerry’s doesn’t offer classes at this time but they do have bountiful fresh and prepared foods and there is even granola, fruit and yogurt party platters available. They’re perfect for mornings spent at the grilling pavilions outside of our apartments in Woodbury, MN. Remember, if you live in Woodbury’s best apartments, access to the grilling pavilion is part of the amenity package.

To learn more and continue eating fresh throughout the year, please contact us today.

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