March Music and Exhibits at the Schubert Club Museum


Nestled on the second floor of the Landmark Center is the Schubert Club Museum. This museum offers a look at music-making over the centuries and is home to one of the most impressive collections of correspondence from famous composers.

The Schubert Club Museum is an easy 15-minute drive from our Valley Creek Apartments into the Lowertown area. It’s near many other museums and excellent restaurants and bars as well, making it a perfect place to visit on a weekend afternoon.

The museum hosts many special exhibits and unique musical events throughout the year. In fact, here are some March highlights you won’t want to miss!

March Performances at the Schubert Club Museum

Chione QuintetMarch 8th
Chione is an all-female, Twin Cities-based woodwind quintet. They enjoy discovering lesser-known pieces and putting their own modern twist on them.

Nirmala RajasekarMarch 22nd
Nirmala Rajasekar is one of the most recognized names in Indian classical music. She began training at the age of six and now performs at famous venues such as Carnegie Hall in London.

Stunning Exhibits at the Schubert Club Museum

Gilman Ordway Manuscript Collection
Gilman Ordway privately collected letters and manuscripts for ten years before he decided to share them with the public. They have now been on display since 1985. The holdings include almost 100 rare pieces that range from the 18th to the 20th century.

Highlights include a letter written by Tchaikovsky in his Russian home and one in which Chopin complains about his finances.

Keyboard Evolution
The role of keyboard instruments in music and popular culture has evolved dramatically over the last 500 years. As visitors explore, they can learn about the history of the piano through seven different keyboards, and compare how Mozart’s “Twinkle, Twinkle” sounds on each.

Gamelan Music
Gamelan Music is a temporary exhibit that highlights one of the world’s greatest musical traditions from Bali and Java. It’s performed by a fifty-piece orchestra made up of mainly percussion instruments tuned as one. It began nearly one thousand years ago, and its name comes from the Javanese word for hammer, ‘gamel’.

So, the Schubert Club Museum is just one of the many beloved cultural attractions in the neighborhoods around our Valley Creek Apartments. If you would like to call our community home, please contact us to schedule a tour and discover why our residents love it here!

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