Join One of These Local Produce CSA Programs in Woodbury

CSA Programs in Woodbury from Valley Creek Apartments

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs have become increasingly popular in towns and cities around the country. CSAs allow members to buy into a share of the crops and other products that are grown on a specific farm, giving them access to the freshest produce, meat, and dairy products. This is also a great way to support local farmers. Each spring, farms across the country begin their CSA programs and invite local residents to become members. Here are a few CSA programs in Woodbury near our Valley Creek Apartments.

Treasured Haven Farm

Located in Rush City, Treasured Haven Farm is a family-owned farm that has been in business for over a century. Offered every year from June through September, Treasured Haven Farm’s CSA includes freshly harvested varieties of produce from their expanse of 35 crops which are all grown using organic methods. Customizable shares are available in both full and half sizes. Pick up once a week at North Star Family Chiropractic in Woodbury.

TC Farm

As part of a group of family farms, TC Farm provides sustainable products that include pasture-raised eggs, organic chicken and grass-fed beef and lamb. With a mission to offer only slow-growth heritage breeds, TC Farm is able to sell the highest quality offerings throughout the year. Customize your own CSA shares to include the types and quantity of meats and other products that you need. Drop off locations are available in Woodbury each week.

Axdahl’s Garden Farm and Greenhouse

Located in Stillwater, Axdahl’s Garden Farm and Greenhouse is a sustainable farm that has been serving the community for over 40 years. Choose a full or half share offered over an 18-week period from June through October. Shares include seasonal produce such as sweet corn, heirloom tomatoes, pumpkins, and squash. Pick up at their Stillwater farm or at a drop-off spot in Woodbury.

When you call Valley Creek Apartments home, great CSAs like these are just minutes away. Please contact us for more information on our luxury community and to schedule a tour.

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