Improve Your Running in Our Community by Letting Go of These Myths

runningStaying healthy in Woodbury is a cinch when you establish a good workout routine such as running. Before you establish a new running routine, familiarize yourself with the following running myths.

  • Running is bad for your knees. Running is far from one of the most common ways to hurt your knees. Runners tend to have a lower body weight than non-runners, which greatly lowers their risk of needing knee surgery down the road.
  • Trails are better for you. Many people assume that trails are better than hard pavement because they decrease the impact on the body. In reality, the body adjusts its impact automatically. Trails still offer the advantage of changing terrain, which requires constant adjustments in movement and stride.
  • Running is fun. Social media content and TV advertisements often depict happy runners smiling as they finish a 10K or arrive home after training for a marathon. While running can be highly fulfilling and satisfying, it’s also hard work.

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