Go Bird Watching At The Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary

Located just east of downtown St. Paul is a park that features 450 million-year-old limestone and sandstone bluffs and spring-fed wetlands. It’s called the Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary, and it is known for its rich Native American history and incredible bird watching opportunities.

As you explore the twenty-nine acre property, you’ll spot some birds singing from the trees while others soar overhead as they search for their next meal. They include:

Red Tail Hawks – These are the most common hawks in North America and they’re easily identified by their reddish-brown tail. Red tail hawks do most of their hunting by watching from a high perch and swooping down to catch their prey with their talons. This maneuver often provides a thrilling sight for bird watchers.

Sedge Wrens – Sedge wrens are usually mysterious creatures for many birdwatchers as they’re often elusive. These shy, chattering birds sing a “chap-chap-chap” song, most often at night. Adults have dark and pale brown feathers, buff-orange flanks, and a white underside. You may spot them in the park’s wetland areas.

Grasshopper Sparrows – These birds sing a song that’s much like the buzz of a grasshopper. This is important for birdwatchers to know as these birds prefer to stay out of sight, though they do run or walk along the ground when foraging for food. Grasshopper sparrows are recognizable by their white eye-rings and their intricately patterned gray and chestnut colored feathers.

We’re just twelve minutes from this scenic sanctuary. If you would like to call Valley Creek Apartments home, please contact us to schedule a tour.

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