Get In Shape At Ninja Warrior

Going to the gym every day can be downright boring but now you can train to be a ninja warrior in Woodbury, near the Valley Creek apartments. Conquer Ninja Warrior has recently opened this August and it offers a workout area like no other.

Open gym services are reserved online for up to twenty people for one hour, everyone under six years old is invited to play and train. Professional trainers are on the floor to help when needed and give advice throughout the course. All participants must wear closed toed shoes for their safety and parents must stay with their children even if they are not participating.

If you prefer guided lessons, Conquer Ninja Warrior offers five different classes from introduction level through professional levels along with a female only class. The highest level course is designed to help you apply to be on the hit TV show, American Ninja Warrior. Classes are approximately one hour-long and open to all people over six years of age.

Although the gym is for training, it’s also for fun! Host a birthday party at the gym for one full hour of a private access gym and trainer. They also offer a pizza party option, provided in your very own party room.

You can sign up for a membership online or pay for a drop in rate and visit with no commitment. Memberships can be purchased for one to three people to save money for families or groups.

Ditch your gym and head to Conquer Ninja Warrior to get fit and have fun.

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