Explore Historic Homes Near Valley Creek

There are several historic homes near Valley Creek Apartments that have fascinating stories to tell. When you’re ready to step back in time, two you don’t want to miss include:

Alexander Ramsey House

Alexander Ramsey was both the first governor of the Minnesota Territory and the second governor of the state. He and his wife had three children, and he went on to become a United States Senator and served as Secretary of War under President Rutherford B. Hayes. Construction began on the family’s opulent home in 1868, and it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places 101 years later. Today, this Victorian era home is still filled with the Ramsey’s furnishings and other belongings. Guided tours start at the top of the hour, and visitors learn about the genteel and servant classes of the 1870s.

Ard Godfrey House

Ard Godfrey was a skilled millwright who arrived in the area in the spring of 1848. He was responsible for overseeing the first lumber mill at St. Anthony, and the lumbermen drove the first logs down the river. Godfrey lived in his 1 1/2 story wood-frame house with his wife and children, and it became a historic museum for Hennepin County after 1905. Since then, it has been moved four times, and it is the oldest remaining frame house in Minneapolis. It’s designated a historic treasure and visitors can enjoy tours on the weekends June through August, where they will see authentic furnishings and household artifacts from the 1850s.

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