Discover and Learn at the Science Museum of Minnesota

Science Museum of Minnesota from Valley Creek Apartments

Discover the wonders of our natural world at the beloved Science Museum of Minnesota. It’s the go-to hot spot for science buffs! This is a renowned cultural institution, packed with ancient artifacts, interactive exhibits, and remarkable scientific discoveries. The museum is an easy 13-minute drive from Valley Creek Apartments, making it perfect for a weekend trip.

Science Museum of Minnesota

For over a century, The Science Museum of Minnesota has served the community and provided a face to face experience with science and natural history. Built on the banks of the Mississippi River, the museum covers a massive 370,000 square feet area. The museum is an officially recognized non-profit organization. Additionally, guests can explore a seemingly endless selection of both permanent and temporary exhibits.

Permanent exhibits include an in-depth history of the Mississippi river, a look at Native American life through the ages, and a unique tour of the human body. The body tour includes a cell lab and a real mummified mummy. However, the museums most treasured exhibit is dinosaurs and fossils. Further, the Science Museum of Minnesota is home to one of only four Triceratops skeletons in the world, and it’s the largest on display to the general public.

Make the Most of Your Visit

In addition, the staff goes above and beyond to offer a wide selection of unique activities. Take one of the many classes open to guests, including adult computer and coding classes. Indeed, there’s always something new to discover at the Science Museum of Minnesota, from special exhibits to educational films.

Further, the Lee and Rose Warner Nature Center, an offshoot of the museum, takes you out into the local preserves to learn more about our environment and natural resources.

Learn More About the Science Museum of Minnesota

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