Delicious Hot Dogs and Loads of Other Favorites In Woodbury

The city of Woodbury is now home to the renowned Chicago hot dog hotspot, Portillo’s. Their doors recently opened on July 11, the 9,000 square foot building will offer diners an enjoyable, upbeat atmosphere and a delicious menu. Bright red-and-white checked tables, nostalgic striped awnings, and neon signs lend an air of nostalgia to the place.

This wildly popular, ever-expanding franchise came from humble beginnings. In 1963, Dick Portillo opened “The Dog House”, a small hot dog stand in a 6’x12′ trailer that required the use of a hose from a nearby building for running water. Portillo’s growing success made it possible to move from his small stand to a real restaurant in 1967. In 1983, Portillo’s first drive-thru was available, and diners have enjoyed the speedy service ever since. In 1985, Portillo was named an “Up and Comer” in Forbes magazine, and in 1994 was named “Entrepreneur of the Year” by Inc. Magazine. Portillo’s introduced a new service to their customers in 1999–Portillo’s Home Kitchen Catering. The restaurant continues to enjoy phenomenal success, now operating in Illinois, California, Indiana, Arizona, Florida, and Wisconsin.

Of course, much of Portillo’s success is due to their exceptional hot dogs, but the menu offers so much more. Homestyle chili, incredible sandwiches bursting with meats, cheeses, and toppings, specialty salads and fresh-baked bread, pasta dishes oozing with cheese, award-winning ribs, and classic favorites like milkshakes and fries mean there is something for everyone at Portillo’s.

The brand-new building will boast an impressive brick exterior and patio seating will be available for diners to enjoy a bit of fresh air on a beautiful day. Portillo’s will be a welcome addition to Woodbury’s food scene, offering diners a place to enjoy fantastic food and a nostalgic atmosphere. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about this upcoming new location in Woodbury.

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