Attend The Monarch Festival

Save the date for the Monarch Festival.

It takes place on September 9 and celebrates monarch butterflies as they leave Minnesota for Mexico.

This incredible 2,300-mile journey is honored with food, music, and so much more.

Highlights include:

Animation Station

At Animation Station, visitors can star in a giant stop animated film that tells the story of a monarch starting as a chrysalis in Minnesota through the adult’s journey to an oyamel fir forest in Mexico. Participants can also offer advice on how to create a monarch-friendly environment.


Tour the four-acre butterfly area known as Naturescape. Nestled next to Lake Nokomis, it’s both an official Monarch Waystation and Natural Wildlife Federation Backyard Habitat site. The gardens display an array of colorful flowers that create a habitat for songbirds and provide food for butterflies.


Several exhibitors will be on hand to teach about the monarch’s life stages and explain how people throughout North America are working to protect these butterflies. Visitors can play games such as Monarch Bingo and Monarch Jeopardy.

Musical Entertainment

It wouldn’t be a festival without lively music, and those performing include:

Salsa del Soul – Salsa del Soul is a nine-piece orchestra that entertains audiences with dance music from Spanish-speaking regions of the Caribbean. The group features some of the finest Latin singers in the Twin Cities area, and they perform salsa, timba, bachata, and more.

Tropical Zone Orchestra – The Tropical Zone Orchestra is a twelve-piece award-winning salsa orchestra that has played in Minneapolis/St. Paul for the last six years. It features a powerful horn section and three energetic singers who know how to entertain a crowd.

Festival goers can also help tag and release monarch butterflies and enjoy a delicious meal from places such as Habanero Tacos and Twin Cities Paella.

The Monarch Festival is just one of the fun events that you can enjoy if you call Valley Creek Apartments home. Please contact us to take a tour of our community.

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