Earth Day Clean-Up

Earth Day! It’s a chance to focus on environmental concerns like climate change and sustainability. It’s a chance to focus on nature and how much it means to us. Plus its timing (on April 23rd) qualifies it as a Spring festival. Warm, and right in the middle of one of the most beautiful seasons of the year.

If you feel like celebrating Earth Day this year, check out the annual Earth Day Clean-up of the Mississippi Gorge near Apartments Woodbury. It’s sponsored by Friends of the Mississippi River (FOMR), and takes place from 9:30am to noon this Saturday.

All equipment is supplied by FOMR. Attendance is easy. You just show up at either East 36th Street and West River Parkway or East 44th Street and West River Parkway in Minneapolis. You sign in with a FOMR volunteer and help to clean up the Mississippi Gorge, one of the most beautiful natural areas in the region, for a few hours. It’s well-attended, communal, and a good way to get to know ecologically minded citizens.

The Mississippi River Gorge is the only gorge along the length of the entire Mississippi River, from its headwaters to its endpoint in New Orleans. It’s a spectacular natural area, with natural springs and hardwood forests in abundance. One of the pleasures of the Earth Day Clean-up is seeing it and being in the midst of it! It is also home to over 150 bird species, so it’s a great place to watch fauna as well as flora.

FOMR have frequent events, from documentary screenings to planting of native shrubs. Check out their activities page here.

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